NEW K-12 Book

Marilyn is currently working on an all-inclusive reading book for parents and teachers that will take the mystery out of teaching reading to any student K-12 or beyond! 

Coming Soon!

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Marilyn is a prolific songwriter...

and while her most recent video is hosted on the site, you can see all her videos on the Memorable Melodies YouTube channel.

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Marilyn is pleased to offer her music for purchase.

 MP3s are $1.99and PDFs of the sheet music are $3.95.

All products available for purchase via PayPal account or Credit Card through the PayPal portal. A receipt of purchase will be sent from PayPal on behalf of True Foundation Publishing, Inc. to the email account you provide during purchase. 

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I Was Born an American
I Was Born an American

Marilyn's heart-felt anthem for patriotism and American values. Singable and memorable!

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I Call Myself a Libertarian
I Call Myself a Libertarian

An energetic romp across the political spectrum to a country-western groove! 

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America is Rising
America is Rising

A serious anthem that echoes the Tea Party sentiment prevalent in today's America.
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The Neo-Con Song

They walk like a duck...but they sure don't act like a duck...Neo-Cons are Everywhere...Don't be fooled.
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No Con-Con for Washington!

No Con-Con for Washington

A Constitutional Convention would create more problems than it might solve. Catchy tune with an important message.

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We Are Not A Democracy!

We Are Not a Democracy!

Is there a difference between a Republic and a Democracy?     You bet there is!

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I Love My Gun

I Love My Gun

What does the Second Amendment, the U.N., and
European history have to do with you and me?
Watch...and learn....  

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